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Club Officials


Chairperson                       John Nolan.
Secretary                            James O'Connor.
Treasurer                           Kai Volke.
Child Protection Officer      Mark Lesley.

Club Officers

SIFA Delegates                   John Nolan, James O'Connor
Deputy Treasurer               James O'Connor.
Course Maintenance           Diarmúid O'Connor, James O'Connor.
Safety Officer                     James O'connor.
Equipment Maintenance     Brendan O'Brien, John Nolan.
Arrow Maintenance            Diarmúid O'Connor, Brendan O'Brien
Social Media                       Mark Leslie, James O'Connor.
Website                              John Nolan.
Club First Aiders                Mark Leslie, James O'Connor, Jose Sanz.
Events                                James O'Connor, Dennis Lenihan. 
SIFA Lvl1 Trainers               John Nolan, James O'Connor, Kai Volke, Jose Sanz, Orla O'Donnell, Diarmúid O'connor, Dennis Lenihan, Nathan Lenihan, Mark Kelly. 


Our google calendar with details of shoots/events.


The governing body that we are affilliated with is SIFA (Society of Irish Field Archers). For more details on SIFA , you can visit their website here SIFA

Burren Archery

For all your archery needs, you can visit their Website here:  Burren Archery  Martin is very knowledgeable , and can advise you on whatever you're looking to buy.